Soap Hand Car Wash   1018 Wirt Rd  Houston,TX77055   (713) 979-7798
Soap Hand Car Wash
1018 Wirt Rd
HoustonTX 77055
 (713) 979-7798

Reviews Of Soap Hand Car Wash

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Arturo Salomon
Aug 03, 2018

I went for the first time today in the morning to get my car washed and I very happy with the whole experience. The staff was very courteous, the quality of the wash was very good and most importantly I was very happy with the attention and service of Alba. She explained to me many of the other services provided at this location and I was pleasantly surprised to know that they only use very high quality products and that are oil free! I could not believe they have most of their products from Menzerna! This is the polishing compounds used by Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Rolex, etc. I love they put attention to detail such as this because I love my car and I want always the best for it! I will come back to get my full detailing here for sure!

Michele Thompson
Jul 24, 2018

A little to fast, car half clean..🤔

Wilver Rodriguez
Jun 11, 2018

Elizabeth Clarke
May 24, 2018

This place is awesome! They do such a great job and go out of their way! The district manager is fantastic and such a nice guy! They have a little play area for kids which is so nice! I will definitely be coming back here again soon !

Mars Cambiano
May 14, 2018

This place delivers top notch service, their prices may be a bit high, but what you get is WORTH IT. I paid $22 for a classic wash, they cleaned my car from top to bottom, even wiped down and vacuumed the interior. I was so impressed, I went ahead and paid the additional $75 for a seat shampoo. I am a dog mom so you can imagine what my tan cloth seats looked like. They came out SPOTLESS and smelling GREAT. Unfortunately a couple of the tougher stains came back after a couple weeks, but I'm sure after a light shampoo, they will come out for good! I'd drive the extra hour just to use these guys again! (Which I have a couple times now!)

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